See what people from around the world are saying about Hi-Power Cycles! We take immense pride in all of our customer feedback and nothing makes us happier than a happy customer!  All comments below are real comments by real people, and absolutely none of them are fabrications. See why people are so excited about their HPC Bikes and Kits!


"After three weeks in the teens, mother nature gave me a 50 degree to play with just in time. Her maiden voyage was a 2.5 hour 10 mile land roving ride through light melting snow, ice, and mud. The thing is just the animal I was hoping for.  Tackled anything I hit today with ease. Hills, soft heavy snowy grass, mud, beat up horse trails, etc.. Good variation of terrain for a short sloppy ride. It was a slow relaxing run and only averaged 5.5 mph and even after 2.5 hours of continuous use in soft terrain, the battery never left the full charge mark. It tackles hills exactly how I hoped. No crazy hills today, but the gearing in the lower gears on the Rohloff hub are so low that I never needed to bump the power above the Low setting today and the motor didn’t even seem to struggle at all. It was too sloppy and icy to hit medium power on the trails today, but I didn’t even need to. It handled everything on low today just fine at that low speed. Also got a brief chance to bump to medium and high through gear 14 as well on a paved bridge on the way back. The power is AWESOME! I swapped over the mirrors and seat from my other bike. Your seat is way lighter, but my groin doesn’t handle nosed seats anymore,  so the heavier and goofy looking Spiderflex  seat keeps my nuts happy and also lets my short self drop down in the frame V with both feet flat on the ground in a split second without getting a seat nose up my butt. :-)

So far this is exactly the Holy Grail bike I was looking for. Can’t wait for the weather to break to get out there and explore places unknown.

GREAT Job Boys!


 John G., New Jersey. January 2018, REVOLUTION AT

"I have working with the HPC guys since 2013 building various high power off road bikes. The 8000 watt typhoon is a great machine, I did some chassis modifications to suit my preference but the original set up from HPC is really solid. When ever a service item has come up or when I needed a specialty item HPC has come through."



Vince K., Tomball, TX. December 2018

"Every time I get on my Revolution I have a giant smile on face.  Living in the city it gets to and from with ease.  Never have to look for parking and when it comes to hills, this bike cruises no problem.  Love it!"


Morgan O. Portland, OR. 1/14/18

"I absolutely love the 2000w hub kit.   I did a wheel roll out and changed the mm for the odometer, and without pedaling to work it's  1.571 Ah.  You gave me a 15Ah battery. Round trip, 3.227Ah smiling.

I have no problems!!

Thank you for what electric bike dreams are made of!!!"


Chris M, New Orleans, LA. 1/14/18


"Here is a couple pics of my bike with the fenders, and new Lizard skin northshore grips so could have the mirror. 40psi in the tires and a stem extender for more comfort. I love it. Just rode 13 miles, 2 miles on the dirt trail. Perfect weather today, but tonight freezing weather coming for a while."



Curtis M, Little Rock, AR. 1/11/18

"Hi Chris and Derek - here's some pics of what I've got and a testimonial you can post.  Also there's a pic of the handlebar mount I made for the ShadowCaster light.

My purpose was to build a commuter for my 50 mile round trip ride to work so I could get out of the traffic jams I encounter daily. There is a beautiful pedestrian and bike path that goes along the Crystal Springs lakes that parallels a good part of my highway commute.  Why sit in traffic when I can have a scenic ride in to work away from cars?

I went with the hub motor 4000 watt system with the hi-torque Striker motor and HPC Elite 75 mile upgraded battery.   I've always had a sweet spot in my heart for Klein bikes and when I saw a Klein hard tail with factory disc brakes in my size, I knew I had the right platform for my new ride.  

Installing the kit wasn't hard since I have plenty of tools.  One hiccup was the rear hub motor is not quite the exact same dimensions as my rear wheel so I had to "massage" the rear disc caliper hanger to allow the caliper to be centered on the disc.  I also went with new downhill disc brakes since this bike and I weigh a lot and I needed awesome stopping power.

So keep in mind, I was doing this for my commute to work, which it does really well.  By using the motor as a kind of pedal assist to help me get up and over the Coast Range part of my commute, I found I could do the round trip to work and back and only use half of the battery!  I had removed the suspension fork and mounted a slick aluminum fork and fast "commuter tires."  The bike became a kind of one trick pony, and very good at it, but something was missing.  It was fast, efficient, powerful, fun, but also stiff and not at all comfortable if I ventured off the pavement.

Well something happened once I had it all together and started riding it.  I discovered how amazingly powerful and fun this HPC kit was, and how much this Klein and I wanted to play in the dirt!  So the suspension fork is back on, and I have the fattest 26" tubeless tires I could squeeze in the frame.  The difference is amazing!  It's still plenty fast and great for my commute, but now it's an awesome trail and single track bike.  The power is amazing and it can climb damn near anything!

This bike has opened up all kinds of trails and back country adventures that I'd been forced to give up years ago due to a football injured knee.  The 50-100 mile rides of my youth are now back and I can't stay off this bike!  Thank you HPC for bringing me back to the bike riding I've missed for so many years."



Tim B, Pacifica, CA. 1/2/18

"When I shopped for a bike that would get me into wilderness, the Typhoon seemed to be the best choice out there.  Once I owned one, I was amazed at how capable the bike is.  I am a BIG guy, but the bike pulls me up hills, through the desert, and along forest trails with ease. It draws people to it, asking about its capabilities, and I have a big smile when I talk about it.  It is so quiet that when I am on a road, I can hear an approaching car behind me.  As a retired engineer, I was, and remain, impressed by the quality of design and build of this machine."


Ken F, Roseburg, OR. 2/13/17.  (HPC Typhoon)

    So I just wrote my official review and you will be happy to know that I'm giving your product a Five Star Rating. Congratulations. My only regret is that I didn't get the larger battery. The computer is very helpful now that I read up and learned what all the numbers mean. Staying off the gas is a challenge but me and the dog with a basket attached just broke the “XX” mph barrier on a bike path.....that's pretty fast......I love it thank you very much..."


Shawn W, Los Angeles, CA. 2/1/17

"HEY   Tee here in Bakersfield ca......I am  coming up on  3 years  with  my  HPC  bike...WOW..time flies....just wanted to say  THANK YOU....and god bless you  all...for  all your awesome  work..!  THIS  bike has brought me  such joy  and freedom...and  needs  little  maintenance   I share it  with all I meet.....and I look into  other  electric bikes   but  NONE  do what  YOU all do.....I hope you are smiling   chris  and derek  and whoever is reading this....make it  great  day...and know this....YOU  are all loved...!   ....much love  Tee...!!"

Tee, Bakersfield, CA. (Update after three years of ownership)

"2000 watt Black Lightning, 12.5ah Battery, all mounted on a 1996 Cannonale SuperV 700. The grip-shifts and the grip throttle are completely compatible, and the old-school V-brakes work just fine.  The rack has been strong and worry-free, even sitting on a dual-suspension frame.  The headlight is ultra-compact and plugs right into the computer, saving battery weight and more wires to route.  The dual-suspension is set soft, making my 20 mile daily commute comfortable, but still capable on the 3 miles of single-track I take as part of my commute.  I’ve ridden to work every day since I bought the system, it’s going on two years now with plenty of battery life left.  This has been an excellent product, highly recommended.  The bike is even fine to ride without power if you want exercise and training, but if you’re in a hurry it easily hits 40mph with 20 miles of full-speed range.  With peddling, I’ve hit 60 miles of range at 22-25mph.

Thanks for the great customer support, and the great product."


Phillip S. Arizona

"Hey, Chris/Derek and everybody at HPC, I bought the 1200 watt BBS02/8fun kit, this thing is outrageous, I go places that even motorcross bikes cant go, this kit consistently gives me 20 mile off road rides, (thanks to your Elite batt) this bike will climb almost anything, get it in the right gear and it's unstoppable, deep mud, sand and any tough terrain, not to mention my commute to work, ( I actually ride the streets to work and blast the trails in the wash on the way home) I can't say enough about it, the guys at the local bike shop think I'm some kind of Doc Brown, (you know, Flux Capacitor power) especially when they saw that I chopped out the lower frame tube and build a batt box in it's place.

I work for Honda's racing division and have build Hybrid racecars, I know that the single most important component in a electric vehicle is the battery, the HPC guys really knows their stuff, I recognized right away that they are not a company that just sells a cheap Chinese product with a HPC sticker on it, you can have very technical conversations with them, they really know the product they sell.

The bottom line is, you can get electric bike stuff from anywhere, HPC offers tech support, a real warranty and most importantly a real human that you can call if you want to ask a question or buy additional accessories, or whatever, try that from a Ebay seller, thanks guys, in my opinion you offer the best bang for the buck.



Mike F. Santa Clarita, CA.

"Hi Derek and Chris,

Got the bike today, thanks. Picked it up at UPS, ran home, carefully assembled it then immediately ran off on a thirty mile jaunt out to the middle of the South SF Bay wetlands without  thorn proofing the tires. Dumb, dumb,  goatheads all over out there.

The matte black frame is awesome, . The look of it is better, as is the feel of it. I can't put my finger on why it feels ...better? but it certainly does perform as well. I like the weatherproofed power button on the controller. 

I demo'd the bike today to a Sac State track star, she said it was way too much fun. Watching the bike zip off even if its just a 2KW is awesome!"


Don S. (California)

"Hi Derek,

Here are pictures of my bike. I modified your bag to go under down tube and the bike handles way better. Battery range in Sb front country up and down in pedal assist 5 or 6 is around 60 miles. Insane range in the mountains. Level ground I would easily say close to 90 miles. Level ground is not much fun for me. Can't wait for the new midrive."


Ron N. (Canada)

"Hi, HPC staff:

Just to let you know that my bike has gone over 500 miles in less than 3 months since I first rode it the day I picked it up after purchase…  Still perfect and I enjoy it a lot.  I am very happy riding all over the SF Valley and with the benefit of all the Orange Line Stations between Chatsworth and North Hollywood where I can recharge the battery into their power outlet.

No gas money at all – beautiful!  Recommend to anyone who want to ride without paying expensive gas money."


 Thac T. (Woodland Hills, CA)

"Hi HPC!

I have now installed the new motor that you send me and the new Elite 74V battery. Finally my bike is up and running as it should. And man it performs like a dream! I've been drivning it every day and havent had so much fun ever before :) The striker motor works in perfect harmony with the 74v battery. I love it!"


Mike A. (Sweeden)

"The 4000 upgrade is fantastic and will climb a 30% grade hill very well. I have attached a pic of my bike with the motor on my Trek Fuel 90 2003 mountain bike. I carry the batteries in my back pack. Great bike is now a fantastic bike Thanks for all your help"


Homer H. (Antioch, CA)


Just wanted you guys to see what one of your kits ended up creating. I live in Sherbrooke, Quebec, an area known for its hilly terrain. The idea was to build a bike that would be both rugged and fast. So I chose a downhill bike for its ruggedness and suspension. Then I added a 4500 watt thunderbolt system. The result is quite something.

I commute 8 miles to and from work whenever possible, in the same time it takes to drive and always on the local trail network. The hills have all flattened out. It has become such a pleasure to commute that I actually look forward to my morning ride. I often take the long way home after work which increases my commute back by 12 miles. Just a nice relaxing ride at 25 MPH.

Basically all I wanted to say was thanks for the all the fun I now have, simply riding my bicycle."


Jean E. (Quebec, Canada)

"Just back from a ride on my new HPC Cube carbon. Awesome! Many thanks for such a great product and a wonderful and friendly service. My bike is 16 kgs all in + 4 kgs of battery in my backback (went the E-go way). The bike feels the same as before!!! Unfortunately, I had to abort my ride after a flat tire but I had a huge smile on my face the whole time.So thanks again for everything!"

Phillipe (Australia)

 "I appreciate your professionalism.  It is appreciated very much.

The bike is great!  Love it!  My friends are in awe....  I let a few
of them take it for a spin...  Big smiles...They are believers...  As I am...

Have a great weekend!"

Bret D. (Portland, OR)

"I go by 'Tee.'  I found out about HPC through research ...hours of it! For a great mode of transportation that takes no gas and can go a good speed, I must say HPC's are the best out there for the price. I actually went to HPC headquarters/factory, and it was awesome...Chris, Derek, and Antonio were awesome to meet. In short if YOU want one of the best, most awesome gas free and fun modes of transportation... call me anytime at 661 326 1604.  If you live in the Kern County area I would be happy to talk with you and give you more information… Just get ready for an adventure!!!"


"Tee" (California)

"Hello Chris and Scott, 

 I want to add a review to your website because of the awesome product and customer service I recieved from both of you!  First of all I love the bike and I know the battery is going to last me a long time as I will follow the instructions.  This is my first electric bike and I'm sure not the last. I'm hooked!!!  I made sure to take the entire bike apart and rebuild it before a high speed test run. I am 5'11" and weigh 215. My top speed was 41mph today on flat land with a few little hills. The high speed test was on the road as 41mph felt like I was going 80 on a motorcycle. Wow what a blast!!!  I'm sure I can even tweak it to go a little faster however I think I will keep it set at 40A so I prolong battery life. I love how the hardtail handles on the technical trails I enjoy hitting up. Now on to your customer service!!  What can I say other than you answered all my questions and didn't make me feel stupid for asking them. Keep up the great work and thanks again. Your friend -Shawn"


 Shawn K. (Illinois)

"Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with the new bike. ..what a great ride....ready to soon order another....
To the HPC Team.....Job Well Done!!!!"


Rick D. (Connecticut)

"Hello HPC!

I bought a HT-2 2800W bike from you in November 2012. The summer is arriving here in south Sweden and I've been exploring the countryside and suburban Malmo. The bike is phenomenal and I enjoy it very much!"

 Mikael A.  (Sweeden)

"LIBERTY! That is the overwhelming emotional high this new bike provides. It was the dream I had been fixated on since childhood. The idea that a bike goes because of some unknown power source that was somehow given to you when you got big enough to have gears. Unlike the confused notion I had as a child, this time I was not unpleasantly surprised. The dream came true even better than I had imagined it 20 years ago. But it wasn't gears that provide this miracle power source.......it is HIGH POWER CYCLES! Your conversion kit is so amazing that every employee of the local bike shop handed it back to me with a look on their face like they had just witnessed a Sasquatch fly by riding on Pegasus. It is impossible to ride this thing without a huge grin from ear to ear. By far better than Bionx, like a 50cc dirt bike compared to a 450cc.

 If you want a form of transportation that has the qualities of an agile bicycle, the muscle of a motorcycle, liberty from insurance, motor vehicle registration, taxes, license and regulation, THAT IS NOT FUELED BY LIQUID GREED, reliable and simple to maintain while all the time providing adrenalin pumping action packed fun.......A high powered cycle is the only way to go. My favorite part? After riding uphill faster than 40 mph while passing cars like they were standing still then being shouted at from a cop car mega-phone to "stop that" My favorite feature is LIBERTY! oh and I plan on defending this freedom in my home state and town. Because there is no way that something this awesome should ever be illegal.  THANK YOU HIGH POWERED CYCLES AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR SUCH A FINE TUNED SET UP AND CONVERSION KIT! (The only thing better would be a John Searl levity disc.)   Peace be with you. jEsSe  -2011 Trek 3900 disc brake bike with the 4500 watt striker conversion kit."

Jesse B. (Wyoming)
"Hi Guys,
Thought you might like a couple of pics of the bike

Just finished on the weekend - all good so far Its a heap of fun to ride - made my trip in to work today a lot more enjoyable and I'm actually looking forward to the commute home!"

Scott H. (Australia)

"I just wanted to say the kit is sweet! I have the 1500 with lipo and I've been zipping all around NYC with it. People (the ones who actually notice) ask a lot of questions and seem to be pretty interested. NYC is a great market for this since there are a ton of bikers."

Eric M. (New York)

"I've been having an absolute blast on my bike... it's way, way cool!! You guys make an awesome product. My bike is completely amazing! We took it to the local forest last weekend (first outing) and had a real blast!  Thanks heaps!"

 Becky V. (New Zealand)

"I have travelled many miles behind locked gates during big game hunts here in the rocky mountains of Montana! The roads are steep and rocky and I carry a rifle or a bow plus all required hunting accessories. I had kevlar inserts inside both tires and so far no flats! I would recommend this bike to anyone!!!"

 Sincerely, Robert C. (Montana)

"Hi my name is Dave from Brandon Manitoba Canada. Thank you Hi-Power Cycles for building me a Super fast electric bike. I bought the HPC XC-3 full suspension mountain bike with the 4000W 90V system and cycle computer. WOW! This bike is amazing, it is SUPER fast.  I can't believe how much power this electric bike has.  The first time I rode the bike. It pulled me violently back into my seat. The power was incredible, I was passing traffic really easy.  The power is just like a motorcycle just turn the throttle and pass anybody you want! My friend has a 900 Vulcan motorcycle and I told him I can keep up with him on my new electric bike. He said he didn't believe me. So I went to his house with my new HPC electric bike and we went out for a ride. I put my bike on level three and I was keeping up with him really easily and even passing him too! The top speed of my new electric bike is 50MPH! My eye's water when I go too fast on it, lol.  When I ride around town on my new bike I can pass anyone I want. It is also really fun to see the looks on people’s faces when you pass them on a electric bike. Their mouths drop and they are speechless!  If anybody wants a super fast Full Suspension electric mountain bike, I would get the HPC XC-3 and the 4000w 90v system. It is worth every penny and you will be the coolest person in town.  My bike looks like a stealth bomber, and I think it is the sweetest looking electric bike around!  Great job on building me my dream bike!"


 -Dave (Manitoba, Canada)

 "Thanks again for all your help, love love love my bike now, excellent kit, works well on my big heavy bike (and a big heavy rider).

Will be riding it to work every Friday, I'll be recommending HPC highly, as am sure people will be interested where I got it from :)


-Greg W. (UK)

"Hi, Derek,

 I received the bike today.  It came in great shape, so I put it together and took it for a test ride.  It was great!I appreciate your upgrade of the charger.  That was very nice of you.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Thanks again for a great bike."

 -Don H. (Jupiter, FL)

 "Haven't spoken to you guys in a while.

 I still absolutely love my bike and use it all the time. Everything

 works perfectly, and September will be 2 years."

 -Mark H (Los Angeles, CA)

 "Steve here from Tahoe...Got the bike, went together easy, got out for a test and love it! Quiet, smooth, strong and fun! Everything you said it was, what a breeze it is to put on the miles. Thanks again."

-Steve D (Lake Tahoe, CA)

"I love the bike and the feel of wind in my face. Its a bike on steroids. This bike allows one to exercise and have fun at the same time"

-Dennis K (Kansas, USA)

"Hey guys check this out. I rode the bike to work today with no problems. I had to go slow because of darkness and fog. But when I left for home it was warm sunny and a slight tail wind. Not only did my batteries last the whole way but I achieved a top speed of 46 mph. Holy $&?!  It traveled a total of 13.557 miles on the batteries. I did do some coasting and moderate pedaling. But the last 2 miles were wide open with a slight uphill grade. I even out ran a prius for the last 6 miles. Guys this bike trully rocks. It's a million times better than the old one. People will defiantly get there monies worth. Wow 46 mph. Man that is fast. Whoever designed the Black Lightning has my thanks for a great product."

 -James H. (Texas, USA).

 "The bike was delivered earlier today and I just completed assembly and first ride. Unbelievable!  Very nice ride, I can't wait to hit some trails."

 -R. Rathwick (Dallas, TX)


"I’m SO pumped. The bike is awesome. WOW.  I just drove it a little around my court, but WOW.  These are awesome – I’ll spread the word dude."

-John K (Antioch, CA)

Michael C. ~ (San Francisco, CA)
Hey guys. Just got my 3500w XC-2 this weekend. I took it out for its first test drive and I am speechless. All I can say is wow! That bike has some serious power. I took it out over the weekend for a 20 mile trail ride in the mountains and was amazed how smooth the bike rode and how much power it had to climb the hills around here. It has so much power I can pop a wheelie with just the motor by itself! Needless to say, great job on the bike and if you cannot tell, I am one happy customer!  Now I will need to convince my wife to get one....
Scott C. ~ California


"I've had my HPC for about 6 months and it is the coolist toy I own! I am an avid mountain biker and use it for transportation and fun when I don't want a heavy workout. I live up a long STEEP HILL with over 1200' climb and it never drops below 20mph in the steepest sections. Even with the hills I get 50 miles of range and could squeeze 70-80 in flats. I have owned other electrics that are crap, and the HPC products while being a bit more money are worth every penny. Better than the Optibike!"

 -J Goller ~ California

"Have put the bike together this weekend, and just got back from a test ride.  Fantastic!!  Performs great!.  

 It was a long haul getting the bike up and running, but I had a big smile on my face when I selected speed level 3 and hit 28mph with no pedalling.  Just terrific.   Rode 26miles (with pedalling as I intend to ride) and the battery status still says full!

 Thanks guys, first ride was a blast!"

Gabe ~ Australia


"I bought a 2500W A-lite 500 bike from your company last October. It was a demo bike you sold on EBay. It is the 21” frame and has the Thunderbolt motor. Before you shipped it, I upgraded to the 51.2V 15 Ah battery and 4Amp charger.

 Firstly, I love this bike! It is all that and a bag of chips! I didn’t ride to work too much during the winter here in Seattle but am back at it again now. My sister wants an electric assist bike and I am singing your praises…

 Signed, another happy customer,

Tim S. ~ Seattle, WA


"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing product that you guys built for me.  Great motor and power. Thanks again for the great invention."

Seth P. ~ Canada


"Just a quick note to thank you for putting together an awesome bike! I'm using it to commute to work, it totally rocks. I'm lucky enough to be able to get to work using off road tracks and trials so the bike is just perfect for the job, thank you!

 Once again, thanks for pioneering this technology your bikes totally rock and are worth every penny!"

Brian W. ~ Saratosa, FL


 "It's amazing!!! I'll be your biggest advertisement around! It's remarkable, and you can quote me!!!"

Michael ~ Santa Barbara, CA


"Hi-Power Cycles make a fantastic product!. I've owned various e-bikes over the years and can honestly tell you that these guys are the real deal! They outfitted my Specialized Stump Jumper FSR with a 48V/10AMP LiPo battery, Crystalyte controller and powerful 600 W BMC motor. The bike was transformed from a boring Specialized mountain bike into a blistering high performance machine that rips with up to 30+ MPH with over a 20 mile range!
I have 2000 miles on the clock with no problems...just plug it in and go. I would highly recommend their product to anyone looking for high quality stealthly e-bike to commute or just have fun."
-Tony H. Newport Beach, CA


"Hey Chris, just past 240 total miles on the bike and its working great. Been riding the bike as must as possible. A little bonus that your other potential customers might want to know is I have gone from 204 lbs down to 187. Thats not due to just riding the bike but it sure has helped. Riding the bike is becoming pretty addictive. Thanks for a great product. "

Stu W.  ~Boston, MA


"Just got the bike unpacked and assembled and I love it!"

Will ~ Martha's Vineyard, MA


"Love the bike you put together for me last fall. I use it all the time near my home in the Santa Monica Mountains. The bike has been flawless."

Mark H. ~ Los Angeles, CA


"Hello Hi Power Guys and other readers. My name is Marissa and I absolutely love my new electric bike from Hi-Power Cycles! I just purchased the HPC Cruiser and I fell in love with it instantly. It amazes me how easy to use it is and combined with the power it puts out… it is incredible! The first time I got on my bike I accidentally grabbed the throttle and wow did that thing go. Thankfully I was already on the bike! This bike is nothing like I expected and I’m so happy I took the plunge. My background, I’m a 140 pound work-a-holic who is quickly approaching my 30’s and hates working out. My doctor strongly advised me to start a regular workout routine that I can fit in my busy schedule. After some discussion I finally agreed to try biking. There are hills by my house and 3 days into my biking experience I gave up due to the inability to pedal up hill. Having to get off my bike and walk it up the hills was not only extremely embarrassing for me, but also really annoying. True I still got a workout, but came home grumpy and felt pathetic. A week of guilt went by where I refused to try again, and then something amazing happened I overheard someone talking about their electric bike. What a concept! I had never considered electric biking as an option for me, since let’s be honest I’m an awful biker. Hi-Power Cycles was able to get me motivated, back on a bike, and turned my lazy life around. Electric biking makes the biking experience enjoyable and I have turned into a regular biker. Thank you Hi-Power Cycles! Please feel free to use my story!
Sincerely, Marissa (aka Born Again Biker)"

M. Miller ~Oceanside, CA


"I am totally happy. Can't stop smiling, bugs in my teeth.I'll spread the word."

Mike K. ~ Sacramento, CA


"I rode my bike to work today. Got there pretty fast. Absolutly love the bike. Thanks again"

Derek C. ~ Melbourne, AUS


"Hey guys check this out. I rode the bike to work today with no problems. I had to go slow because of darkness and fog. But when u left for home it was warm sunny and a slight tail wind. Not only did my batteries last the whole way but I achieved a top speed of 46 mph. Holy $&?!  It traveled a total of 13.557 miles on the batteries. I did do some coasting and moderate pedaling. But the last 2 miles were wide open with a slight up hill grade. I even out ran a prius for the last 6 miles. Guys this bike trully rocks. It's a million times better than the old one. People will definatly get there monies worth. Wow 46 mph. Man that is fast. Whoever designed the Black Lightning has my thanks for a great product."

Erick M. ~ Texas


"Got the kit set up on my Electra Townie over the weekend and road it into work this morning.  LOVE IT!!!   Just like your Youtube video says....so much fun.   I couldn't believe how much initial acceleration it has....WOW!"

Neil R ~ Milwaukee, WI


"I have some 2500 miles on my 600w Thunderbolt and absolutely love it. People have lots of questions about my bike and where I bought it. I send them all to Hi-Powercycles.com"

Bill W ~ Greenfield, MA


"This is Mark.  Well, I wanted to let you know that the bike is working great and I absolutely love it!  It is easily the coolest toy I own and is fast becoming my favorite form of transportation."

Mark E. ~ Arcata, CA


"I think I may need to buy another charger; one for work, one for home. I am totally addicted to this bike and am suffering the joneses without it."

Carl S. ~ Somerset, NJ


"ASTONISHING BIKE!   I was amazed at the torque on first time acceleration, then more after that!  There are hazards: Red light runners, cell phoners, and car door openers.  Notwithstanding, I'm close to 70 and this bike is retro to 16 first time driving!!  So thanks for it!  Cycle Analyst is another plus. Seems to do everything I could think of."

Dale E. ~ Washington


"Just reached 2200 miles on the bike! It's running like a champ!"

Justin ~ San Diego, CA


"I am loving my bike and telling everyone I know about how cool it is.I just rode the bike yesterday from the Beverly Hills hotel to the KCRW radio tower, over 1100 vertical foot climb in 3 miles with minimal pedaling and around 17-20 mph average!  It did not strain a bit on the steepest sections!  I never thought any electric bike could do this."

Jim ~ Los Angeles, CA


"Hey Chris, we had a direct hit from Hurricane Ike. The City of Seabrook suffered MAJOR damage and a complete collapse of infrastructure. I can not convey in words how bad it is. We were hit by a 16 1/2 foot storm surge of water plus 110 mph winds. All I can say is it was complete devastation. Our police department building was flooded and half of our department was trapped on the 2nd floor until the water receded. The other half of the department was in was trapped at our local Holiday Inn Hotel. We did this so at least one half of the department could be functioning. After the storm, we emerged and secured our city. That was on Sat. Sept. 12th. By Monday morning the 14th we were out of fuel. I was ordered out on bike patrol because we did not have enough fuel to run our patrol cars. We had numerous agencies helping us and it consumed all of our fuel supply. FEMA was not able to get fuel to us until the 16th. Our police bikes were stored at the Police Station and destroyed by the storm surge. We were only able to get one functioning. Luckily I had taken the bike you and your partner built for me to work before the storm. I was able to use the bike in a real world disaster zone. The bike was the only way to access certain areas in the aftermath of the storm. Unfortunately I had left my bike helmet in my car which was flooded and a lost. I found a bike helmet in a ditch and used it for 2 days until a store opened and I could buy another one. I want you to know your bike Saved lives. I could not have accessed certain areas of the city with out it. There were broken gas lines, fuel spills from boats plus sand and tons of debris every where. The bike has been thru Hell and back along with me. Just today I was riding with my partner and we were flagged down about on a man beating up a female. I was able to catch and tackle the Suspect who never saw or heard me coming. I had to responded to a 84 year old elderly female who had fallen literally split her skull open about 7 inches. I beat all other units to the scene and was able to apply direct pressure and stop the bleeding. The bike is being used constantly with the batteries being charged back up as soon as they go dead. Today was the 1st day I got to go home to my family and send you this Email. Even though my house is damaged I felt it was necessary let you know what is going on while everything is fresh in my mind. I have attached three pictures because I wanted you to personally see what your bike is doing. There were lots of people taking pictures so I will try to find more later. I now work everyday on bike patrol. The looters are everywhere and the bike is a must have at this point. I work 12 hours on and 12 hours off with no days off. The bike is taking some very serious abuse but it is still functioning. I just wanted to say thank you for making me a very good bike that is saving lives including my own. When the SHIT hit the fan your bike had my back and I thank you for it."





Sincerely James Hill,

Patrol Officer Seabrook Police Dept.

Offficer James Hill~ Seabrook Police Department