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The Revolution AT was developed to be the ultimate backcountry exploration bike in a class that has never existed until now; Downhill Fatbike.  The Revolution AT’s standard 4.8” Maxxis Minion tires offer unparalleled floatation and traction in even the softest conditions, all without sacrificing suspension travel or terrainability. The internally geared 14 speed Rohloff Speedhub, with an impressive 526% gear ratio, gives the AT tremendous hill climbing torque and blistering speeds in one robust package. Top speed (3000W version) in the lowest gear varies from 9 mph to over 45 mph in the highest gear!

No expenses were spared in creating the ultimate offroad exploration ebike, from its all aluminum 6061-T6 body, fully CNC’d swingarm, to the custom DVO factory tuned FAT suspension responsible for dampening the Revolution AT’s 9 inches of progressive rate frame travel! Add to the mix a powerful 3000W capable mid drive and 12” of ground clearance and you get an e-bike that can truly conquer ALL TERRAIN!

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The ULTIMATE Electric Bike: Revolution AT

Posted by John on 22nd Dec 2018
Hey Chris, just checking back with an update on my AT. After three weeks in the teens, mother nature gave me a 50 degree to play with just in time. Her maiden voyage was a 2.5 hour 10 mile land roving ride through light melting snow, ice, and mud. The thing is just the animal I was hoping for. Tackled anything I hit today with ease. Hills, soft heavy snowy grass, mud, beat up horse trails, etc.. Good variation of terrain for a short sloppy ride. It was a slow relaxing run and only averaged 5.5 mph and even after 2.5 hours of continuous use in soft terrain, the battery never left the full charge mark. It tackles hills exactly how I hoped. No crazy hills today, but the gearing in the lower gears on the Rohloff hub are so low that I never needed to bump the power above the Low setting today and the motor didn’t even seem to struggle at all. It was too sloppy and icy to hit medium power on the trails today, but I didn’t even need to. It handled everything on low today just fine at that low speed. Also got a brief chance to bump to medium and high through gear 14 as well on a paved bridge on the way back. The power is AWESOME! I swapped over the mirrors and seat from my other bike. Your seat is way lighter, but my groin doesn’t handle nosed seats anymore, so the heavier and goofy looking Spiderflex seat keeps my nuts happy and also lets my short self drop down in the frame V with both feet flat on the ground in a split second without getting a seat nose up my butt. :-) So far this is exactly the Holy Grail bike I was looking for. Can’t wait for the weather to break to get out there and explore places unknown
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