NEW Supermarche 2000W High Performance Front Loading Cargo Bike w/ 300+lb Load Capacity

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Forget what you think you know about front loading Cargo Bikes or bakfiets; this Front Loader is like no other. Specifically designed for active parents and small business owners on the go with a low step through frame design, adjustable cockpit and ultra smooth steering. It’s easy to ride from the first turn of the pedal and sturdy enough to stand up to your busy lifestyle.  Now you can literally bring everything AND the kitchen sink. We have taken the Supermarche to another level by adding a custom high torque 2000W Striker motor system with an all new bluetooth enabled Sine Wave controller.  This cargo bike performs as good as it looks! With a USA made 48V 17.5ah battery, you can travel up to 35+ miles in throttle only mode. The front loader box features a bamboo box to haul up to 220lb of goods while the rear rack on the bike is rated for 80lbs making this the perfect bike to for personal and business use.

Steers Like Butter

We think that sums it up perfectly. We replaced that clunky steering arm you see on other front loading Cargo Bikes with more practical, rider friendly cable steering design. The dual cable steering, extra low front cargo rack and 90 degree steering radius adds up to a powerful cargo hauling machine that steers like butter and turns heads everywhere.







Technology and Features:


140mm Travel Air Suspension w/ Tapered Head Tube




Featuring magnesium lowers and an updated dampening system for 2019, the Recon RL offers 150mm of plus suspension travel.  The air suspension system allows for fine tune adjusting by each individual for the perfect ride and suspension performance! The reinforced tapered head tube is specifically designed for the increased stress loads of our high performance motor systems and keep the frame as fork as stiff as possible.




Boost Spacing (15x110mm Front and 12x148mm Rear)


boosty.jpgWith the hub flanges wider, the spoke bracing angle is now increased and wheel stiffness is improved. Additionally, by making the bike’s chain stays wider, we were able to make them shorter while still maintaining tire clearance. Shorter chain stays mean optimum weight distribution and more agile handling than a similar bike.  Sticking with the newest bike standards will allow much more options for upgraded hubs in the future.




27.5" Plus Size Tires (27.5x3.0)


havoksport1.jpgA tire for a new generation of ebikes. The Havok's Plus sized combination of larger air volume, increased contact patch, and the versatile tread pattern make it the perfect tire for a high performance electric bike application. The increased traction and stability will inspire you to take on even the gnarliest terrain!




  Powerful Mid Drive Motor + Torque Sensor + Throttle


 ultra.pngThe Ultra Drive System puts the rider in complete control. In spite of a generous power output and a maximum torque of more than 160 N.m, the motor operates in virtual silence. The modular motor design and integrated controller make disassembly easier and improve service responsiveness.




USA Made Lithium Battery System


hpcbatt.jpgOur battery systems use only the finest authentic cells that are triple checked for consistency and performance. Our in house assembly process allows us to be in total control of the quality and make the most reliable and highest performing battery systems possible.  All battery packs feature intelligent Battery Management systems and smart chargers to keep the battery performing at its optimal level, charge after charge.




Intelligent Color Display


850c.pngOur full color display is seamlessly integrated with the bike and offers the rider a plethora of information. Not only do you have a very accurate battery voltage meter with battery bar, it shows you current power draw, speed, power mode, pedal assist level and distance traveled in a highly attractive display. With the integrated USB port, your power hungry devices will always stay charged!  The integrated pod mounted on the handlebar easily navigates all the menus and pedal assist levels without taking your hand off the grip




Refined Frame Geometry


bike-frame-geometry.gifThrough several iterations and hundreds of hours of testing, our team of engineers designed a bike that will perform as well as it looks! We keep ourselves aligned with cutting edge industry standards for suspesnion design and bike geometry to make sure our frames will be comfortable and perform as well as they look.




 Hydraulic Braking System w/ Cutoff


98740-00-d.jpgCustom Magura hydraulic brakes offer great feel and effortless stopping power! The custom integrated brake lever cutoff will cut all motor power as soon as the brake is applied. Oversized Magura 180mm (or optional 203mm) rotors provide immense stopping power in all conditions.




SRAM GX 11 Speed Transmission w/ Derailleur Clutch


sram-mtb-gx-rd-11sp-side-red-l.jpgLeveraging the legendary history of SRAM shifting, the GX 11 speed rear derailleur provides incredible shifting speed and precision. X-ACTUATION™ technology eliminates slop and shifting variation. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology delivers maximum drivetrain stability—even through the most punishing terrain. And with CAGE LOCK™ technology, wheel removal and installation are easier than ever.




  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Fork: Chromoly
  • Carries long, bulky and tall cargo
  • 220lbs/100kg payload or 2.0 cbm
  • Haul the family, make delivery, go to the Supermarket
  • Easy to configure with Yuba Add-Ons
  • REAL PAYLOAD: 220 lbs Front & 80 lbs Rear
  • GEARING: 21 Speed
  • WEIGHT: 85 lbs / 27 kg
  • BIKE LENGTH: 8’2″ / 252 cm



Motor System: 2000W Striker High Torque Hub Drive

Battery: USA Made 48V 17.5AH

Powder Coat: Matte Black


Performance Specifications:

Speed: 20mph

Range: 35+ miles



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