SunCapture 300- Folding Solar Panel and Charger

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Introducing the HPC SunCapture 300.  A 300W portable and foldable solar panel that will power your most prized possesions directly from the Sun!  These panels are made with the world's highest efficiency Sunpower Maxeon Gen 3 solar cells purchased here in the United States and provide an energy conversion rate of a whoping 24.2%! These panels are meticulously hand sewn into heavy duty waterproof Nylon for a robust yet light weight folding design. 

These EXCITING panels come standard with a Solar Charger that can take the output of the panel and stabalize it at your required charge voltage.  This means you may use our Solar Charging system for ANY ELECTRIC VEHICLE on the market! If you have a special request, you can even give us your mating charge connector and we will solder it on our Solar Charger for you... this will allow you to use our Solar Charger in exactly the same manner as your existing charger!  The charger features a one way diode so that your charge can never leak out of the battery once charging has commenced. The charger also features charging lights so you can know when the charging cycle has completed!

Charge times for various Battery Systems in Optimal Sunlight:

300Wh: 1 hour

600Wh: 2 hours

900Wh: 3 hours

1200Wh: 4 hours

 *To find the Wh of your battery, multiply the nominal voltage x Ah.  For example, our 52V 12.5Ah battery system is  52V x 12.5Ah = 650Wh.


16" x 22" x 3" Folded

78" x 44" x .18" Unfolded

Weight: 17 lbs


Panel Specifications:


120W panel- Pmax Voltage: ~36V, Pmax Current: ~3.30A  Voc: ~ 43.2V, Isc: ~ 3.95A


150W panel- Pmax Voltage: ~36V, Pmax Current: ~4.15A  Voc: ~ 43.2V, Isc: ~ 4.46A


240W panel- Pmax Voltage: ~36V, Pmax Current: ~6.60A  Voc: ~ 43.2V, Isc: ~ 7.90A


300W panel- Pmax Voltage: ~36V, Pmax Current: ~8.30A  Voc: ~ 43.2V, Isc: ~ 9.98A








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