Cruiser 2000W

Weight: 54.00 LBS
Height: 29.00 Inches
Width: 9.00 Inches
Depth: 56.00 Inches
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Shipping Cost: $169.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)



2018 HPC Cruiser

This is our entry level comfort bike.  If ultimate comfort is what you are after, this is the bike for you! With swept back handlebars, and upright seating position, and extra widxdxsde cushy seat, this is by far our most comfortable and relaxing ride! Available in regular or step thru styles!

With its powerful 2000W hub motor, the Cruiser has the ability to conquer rolling hills AND yet still provide great top end.  You can choose between the high torque Striker motor for 27 mph speed and great hill climbing, or the Thunderbolt motor and have a top speed of 33 mph.  It is the least expensive bike we make here at HPC, but with that being said, we sacrificed absolutely nothing in terms of performance and build quality. Stop by your local dealer for a test ride, and you will agree that the smooth, powerful and refined HPC Cruiser is a fantastic choice!


*Specifications subject to change without notice

**Step thru model shown in photo with optional e-bike computer


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