48V 14 AH USA Made High Performance Hard-Case Battery System

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We are beyond pleased to introduce our U.S. designed and built battery packs for light electric vehicles.  These phenomenal batteries are some of the most energy dense, lightest weight, and highest performing batteries on the market bar-none.  These ultra low impedance batteries set a new standard when it comes sheer performance without compromise. With greatly improved processes, every pack is carefully assembled in the U.S.A. with great care and attention to detail.  We take our time on the spot welds and make sure we manufacture the absolute highest quality battery systems possible.

For 2019, we have all new hard-case batteries featuring the most robust and reliable BMS (battery management system) that is made in the USA! You will not find a higher performing or more reliable battery system in this form factor and weight.

What's new for 2019?

- Redesigned USA made BMS (battery management system) to deliver more power reliably and more efficiently

- New case with strengthened rack mount

- Updated production method for higher reliability and lower resistance



48V 14Ah Li-NMC Ultra High Performance Battery System

-Unbelievably light weight! Weighs only 7.2 lbs!  Specific Energy


-Low impedance cells with minimal voltage sag for higher top speeds faster acceleration and more thrilling performance!


-Powerful Battery Management System (BMS) can deliver up to 40A continuous for incredible performance. 


-Engineered to deliver 2,000W


-Average 3+ year life expectancy depending on how well you treat it. 


-14AH will provide over 33 miles of range in optimal conditions on a light weight electric bicycle (20 Wh/kg avg) with no pedaling!


-Includes High Quality 2.5 Amp charger


-Comes standard with XT-90 gold plated high discharge connectors

-Fully UN 38.3 Certified! These batteries meet the most stringent safety standards and have demonstrated the utmost in reliability in some of the most punishing (and expensive) testing procedures yet devised for portable lithium batteries.  All HPC batteries are ready for export worldwide!


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